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Little Gospel Lights  Preschool


Our parent & child classes, “They Came By Two”, are geared to help toddlers, ages 18 months to 2 ½ years, develop their social skills. They will learn to share, cooperate as well as follow simple directions from the teacher. Parents are encouraged to engage in play with their child during the time they are in class, helping them understand the concepts of sharing, taking turns, following directions, and discovering new materials and experiences.

The children will engage in various activities to help develop both large and fine motor skills, such as outdoor/indoor play and crafts. They will also learn to memorize simple songs and prayers, and sit for “story time”.

Our “They Came By Two” classes successfully prepare the students for our preschool program.


Encourage positive interaction between toddlers through free-play, craft, music, snack, and prayer, so that separation is accomplished with the least amount of conflict possible. Toddlers will play, create, sing, pray, and learn through child-centered activities. They will learn to share, cooperate, follow directions and take turns.

The children will engage in various activities to help develop both large and fine motor skills, such as outdoor/indoor play and crafts. They will also learn to memorize simple songs and prayers, and sit for “story time”.

Our “2 Bye 2” classes successfully prepare the students for our preschool program.



An integral part of our 3- and 4-year-old programs, we at Little Gospel Lights believe that parent participation is a vital part of your child’s preschool experience.

Children love to share their classroom activities with a special person in their lives.

Parent Participation offers you the opportunity to see first-hand what your child’s day is all about!


It is our goal to prepare each child to enter Kindergarten with confidence by:

preparing him/her to think and act independently…..

guiding him/her to develop a love for learning….

helping each child develop language and communication skills with desirable speech habits and an enriched vocabulary, helping each child develop the fine motor skills necessary for written communication skills.

Stretching exercises help get us ready to read!


Lesson plans based on Christian themes and values will help preschoolers to learn cooperation, problem solving and decision-making. Each class day will begin and end with simple prayers, always encouraging the children to offer prayers of their own. These may be as simple as "thank you for my mommy", or please help my boo-boo feel better."

All lessons will help develop understanding in the areas of academics that are necessary to be prepared to enter a kindergarten program.

Through child-centered activities such as, building blocks, water and sand play, and dramatic play, children will work both individually and in small groups developing their sense of curiosity, self-direction, and self-esteem.

Our well-equipped outdoor and indoor playgrounds offer the preschooler large motor activities while educational toys such as puzzles and manipulative games will help develop the child’s fine motor skills.


It is our goal to provide a Christian education in partnership with the child’s parents.

We will assist children in their spiritual development by:

· helping them know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior while helping each child to develop a personal relationship with Him …

· helping them learn about the wonders of God’s creation and ...

· helping them learn to behave in a God-pleasing manner.

This will be achieved through a Christian curriculum based on Bible stories and God’s Word.


It is our goal to help and encourage each child in their emotional development by

developing a positive self-image ..... giving each child a sense of belonging and acceptance and .....

developing their sense of responsibility and a reasonable amount of self-control.


It is our goal to develop children’s social skills by:

helping children interact with their peers in one-on-one and group situations ...

developing their sense of cooperation and “fair play”...

learning to respect the property, rights, and feelings of others and ...

learning to respond to others in Christian love.


God's House: Weekly visits are taken to "God's House", which is held in the Sanctuary of St. Paul. While there, the children will learn about our Savior and hear stories from the Bible as told by the pastor or one of his assistants. They will also sing songs of praise, such as, "Jesus Loves Me".

Children's Library: Christian and secular books, books-on-cassette, and videotapes are available. Beginning in October, each week students are given the opportunity to borrow an item from the Library. Students may take one library item home per week, to be returned the following week by

Library Day. Upon returning the borrowed library item the following week, the student may borrow another item. To encourage reading, videotapes will be available for your child to borrow one week of each month only.

Jesus Time: During Jesus Time, your child’s teacher will talk to the class about a Bible story (each school month has a theme ex: December – Nativity). The teacher will tell the story and discuss it with the children in an age appropriate manner.


Our dedicated staff is committed to providing each child with a quality education enriched by spiritual growth and development. Our limited class size offers an excellent adult/child ratio.


Little Gospel Lights Pre-School accepts children of all races, color, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Children entering the 3 year old program should be toilet trained by the beginning of school. ALL children must have a health form which includes updated immunization information signed by their physician on file BEFORE entering school.


Little Gospel Lights Pre-School does not provide transportation. However, during Parent Orientation we will assist anyone who may be interested in carpooling.