St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
449 Stewart Ave
Bethpage, NY 11714
Office (516) 931-8262

Serving the Bethpage Community for nearly 90 years

What we believe

What We Believe

Opened Bible

  • WE BELIEVE in one God who created all there is.
  • WE BELIEVE that this one God has one Son whose name is Jesus.
  • WE BELIEVE that God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are three eternal Persons but yet one God.
  • WE BELIEVE that we human beings are the height of God’s creation.  We were created to follow and be in intimate relationship with God.
  • WE BELIEVE that all human beings have rebelled (sinned) against God and have sought to do life without Him or His plan for our lives.
  • WE BELIEVE that this rebellion has resulted in a broken relationship with God and in suffering and death.
  • WE BELIEVE that, in spite of our rebellion, God still loves us and sent His Son Jesus to take the penalty for our rebellion by suffering and dying on a cross.
  • WE BELIEVE that God the Father accepted His Son’s sacrifice, raised Him from the dead, and sat Him at His right hand in Heaven as the King over all creation.
  • WE BELIEVE that those who ask God to accept Jesus’ sacrifice on their behalf are forgiven of their rebellion, are given a fresh start to follow God, and given eternal life after death.
  • WE BELIEVE that those who do this become part of “the Body of Christ”, the Church. They are brought together to serve one another and reach out together to the world with the love of God.
  • WE BELIEVE that God fills His Church with the Holy Spirit who gives His people love, power, and  self-discipline to accomplish this service and outreach.

St Paul is part of of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.