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Serving the Bethpage Community for nearly 90 years

St Paul Lutheran Church believes the sacrament of baptism is a gift from God. It makes one a child of God and brings forgiveness of sin. We baptize infants, children and adults. Teenagers and adults who have not been baptized are instructed prior to their baptism. Those baptized as infants receive instruction (confirmation classes) in the Christian faith when they are at an age of understanding. Following this extensive instruction, they have a public opportunity to affirm the faith in which they were baptized as infants or young children.

Those wishing to have their child baptized, please call the church office at 516-931- 8262, Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Baptisms are usually done during the 10:30 a.m. worship service on Sundays. Other arrangements are possible. Teenagers or adults seeking baptism should speak with the Pastor at 516-931- 8262.


Preparatory sessions and pastoral counseling
In every case it is necessary that the couple desiring to be married meet with the Pastor at some time sufficiently in advance of the desired wedding date. It is not too early to begin this process six months to a year prior to the wedding date.

Music for the Wedding
The organist of the church is authorized to play at church weddings and gets “first refusal.” Organ selections and vocal numbers are to be sacred music, since the wedding service is primarily a service in praise of God. Popular music is best used at the reception. The traditional processional and recessional may be used. To discuss music, soloist rehearsal, etc., contact Pastor through the church at 516-931- 8262.

Decorations at the church
Floral decorations in the chancel area are the couple's responsibility. Any florist can be used. The couple needs to let the florist know that the church will be open for deliveries and decorating one hour prior to the wedding service. No tape of any sort can be used in the church on pews or on the carpets. Should you wish a wedding candle ceremony as part of the service, the couple will either supply their own wax products.
Flower girls carry their flowers; they are not permitted to throw petals on the floor. Ring bearers should not use actual wedding rings on the pillow.

The Wedding Rehearsal
A rehearsal is necessary and all participants in the wedding party, including parents and readers of Scripture, are to attend: The rehearsal date and time will be arranged with the Pastor during one of the meetings. The rehearsal will be conducted by the Pastor.

Marriage License
The marriage license must come from the state of New York, preferably from a local town hall. It is to be given to the Pastor on the Monday prior to the wedding service.

Wedding Bulletins
Bulletins are optional. If you want them, it is the couple’s responsibility to purchase and print them. The Pastor is available to help with the layout, including the order of worship.

Arrival Times
The arrival times of parents, ushers, bridesmaids, and the bride and groom will be discussed at the rehearsal. It is the responsibility of the couple to tell the limousine service to “get me to the church on time”;. This is simply a matter of fairness and courtesy to those who have been hired to help with the wedding service. They are hired to work, not to wait.

Photography and Video
To maintain reverential decorum, photographs are not permitted during the service. They may be taken, however, during the processional and recessional. Album pictures will be restaged after the service, but family pictures should be taken elsewhere so that the sexton is not delayed in fulfilling his clean up responsibilities.
A video using natural light may be used during the service.
It is the responsibility of the couple to inform professional photographers and video persons to speak with the pastor prior to the wedding service and to follow these instructions.

Established Costs
The following are established fees for church weddings (for members and non-members)
* Organist\soloist : $175.00 (should a soloist be used, the fee for the organist goes to $225.00)
* Sexton (custodian): $100.00.
* Questionnaire cost: $ 35.00
* Honorarium for the pastor (if applicable)
All fees/costs are subject to change and will be paid by the couple using individual checks. Checks are to be given to the pastor during a preparatory session and they are not refundable. The pastor will be responsible to give the fees to the appropriate persons or funds.
An honorarium for the clergy may be set by the Presiding Minister and paid to him by the couple. This honorarium can be given to the Presiding Minster on the day of the wedding.
Active members of St Paul, (those who commune and give contributions of record) incur no fee for the use of the church. A donation to St Paul in honor of the marriage can be made and would be accepted.
This offering may be given to the Pastor on the day of the wedding.
Inactive and non-members of St Paul, will pay a church use fee of $350.00 beyond the fees listed above and the honorarium to the pastor, if applicable. This check, made out to St Paul, will be given to the pastor during a preparatory session.

Total costs (without a soloist):
$310.00 for active members and a church donation if they choose and an honorarium for the pastor if applicable.
$660.00 for inactive and non-members and an honorarium for the pastor, if applicable.

Exiting the Church
The use of “wedding bubbles”; is permitted as the couple leaves the church grounds. Rice and confetti are never used.

At times of loss the pastor and the members of St Paul Lutheran Church bring comfort and support to the grieving. Please call the church office right away (516-931- 8262) and ask to speak with the pastor.
For members the funeral is usually held in the church, although the pastor will come to the funeral home to conduct a service should the family wish. The funeral director should speak with the pastor to coordinate the funeral service with the pastor’s schedule and to be sure the church is available.

With the use of the church there are some suggested donations. The pastor will discuss these with you.